Day one – Nailed it! Nearly…

I’ve hit the ground running with these challenges. 

I even managed to sit still with my eyes closed for 20 minutes and I didn’t fall asleep! I’ve emailed Guinness, I think that’s some kind of record. The squatting seemed pretty easy enough but it did give me a little twinge in the back of one of my knees, I’m pretty sure that will go in time. 

Is this 150 words yet? No. Oh…..

 The hardest challenge yet is the drinking three litres of water, I’ve worked out that if I down a pint of water and then have to drive for the next hour and a half then I’m going to have a bad time. I don’t know if I have just made this up but I’m thinking my bladder might expand to hold more water, similar to a camel. 

Anyway, I have left; 87 litres of water to drink, 870 more push ups, 580 minutes of meditation, 870 minutes of squatting and 4500 words to write on top of all the other challenges where I just have to abstain for 29 more days. Piece of cake. 

That’s got to be 150 words surely! 

I’ve left this until the last minute which is why its a little bit disjointed but I will be getting better over the next thirty days and bringing up different subjects to talk about. Alternatively, you could leave a comment or send me a message and suggest a topic I could talk about.

I’ve hit over 200 words!

Stay tuned, I’ll be back tomorrow, with more substance. 

I promise.  


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