Day 2 – Spring has sprung

What a beautiful day it’s been!

The suns been shining, the river was so still outside my home that you could make out all the traffic cones and the wheels on the shopping trolleys majestically protruding above the waters surface. The children have even been playing, riding their bikes up and down, stealing dust caps and egging peoples windows. 

You’ve got to love a bit of sunshine.

Today was even easier than yesterday to get through the challenges. Being at work made it easier to get through the water and I’ve already hit the 3 litre target. I think the lack of coffee is having a bit of an effect, I seem to have a bit of a headache but I think thats a caffeine withdrawal. On a positive note though, despite the headache, I feel pretty damn responsive. It’s only day 2 but I’ve got more energy and I can focus for longer. 

I even breezed through the squatting getting the whole 30 minutes in a 45 minute time frame. I even had an amazing sunset to watch while I sat there in the squat. To be honest though I was pretty distracted by The Walking Dead, started watching it last week and I just can’t seem to get enough of it at the moment, I have no idea why I haven’t seen it once in the seven years its been on. 

Dale died, I’m gutted! He was my favourite character and why no one has shot Shane yet is anyone’s guess. 

Anyway, moving on.  

When it came to the meditation; 20 minutes after a full days work is pretty tough and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep while sitting there for a few minutes. That still counts though, right?

Well, thats all I have for today and I’ve got a couple of things still to do today so I will be back tomorrow. 

Stay tuned. 


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