Day 6 

I’m pretty sure this meditation isn’t working. Today I sat there for 20 minutes counting my breaths for 20 minutes, just like the meditation book told me to and I ended up more frustrated by the end of the 20 minutes than I was when I started. 

I’ve got absolutely nothing to talk about today. I’m still going strong in all the challenges though, this one is definitely the toughest  one. But I would still rather be writing this than paying attention to some ropey rom-com thats playing away in the background. 

The challenges are still holding up though, the only one I nearly broke today was writing this out. The press ups are starting to get so easy that I might up them to 40 a day. The squatting is a piece of cake now too, except the standing up afterward. Everything feels pretty siezed up by then and I need to hobble around for a bit. NobNom is a piece of cake, and not going on Facebook is pretty peaceful. Is it bad that I can’t remember the other challenges that I have been keeping to for the last 6 days?

Anyway, tomorrow I will be picking up my son and spending some quality time with him. I get excited to see him every weekend. 

Right, I’m not even going to bother with the word count today but I think it’s over 150 words. 

I’m off, later. 


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