Day 7

I’ve been slacking on the challenges today a little bit. So much so that I’m sitting in the squat position, downing water and writing this. Afterward I still have to do the 20 minutes of meditation and catch up with some more Walking Dead. They killed off Hershel…

I’ve been cramming a lot of this show in this past week and it’s got me thinking, what would it take to survive a zombie apocalypse?

Weapon of choice; probably be my hammer from my tool bag. I swing it most days so I’ve built up all the necessary muscle in the forearm to swing accurately at the heads of the undead for a while. There are strict firearm laws where I live so chances of stumbling upon a cache of guns and ammo would be slim.  

Location of choice; I’d stay on the water. No one on the Walking Dead goes near the water but I can imagine that the undead wouldn’t suddenly grace the skill of Michael Phelps the second they touch the water. Or maybe, like the classic Splash, they grow a tail and swim like fish… Plus Britain is an island so I’d take a boat and sail around looting the other boats for fuel and food, each night I’d anchor in the middle of the river so that no nasties could get me. I’d need an admirals hat though. 

I think small groups would be the best size too. Easier to keep an eye on everyone, greater chance of building a faultless routine and work patterns so that less mistakes happen and everyone lives longer. They could all live on several small boats so that the supply runs wouldn’t endanger the whole group. 

There is a few islands in the estuary of the river I live next to that have old forts on them, they could home a bigger group if need be. No zombies could reach it and supply runs could be orchestrated from it. 

If I thought about it long enough my options would be endless, but considering its all imaginary I should probably concentrate on finishing these challenges for the day and get some sleep. 



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