Day 8

Today I received some bad news. My Grandfather passed away either this morning or last night. He was in his 80’s and from what I heard that he never really recovered from a stroke that he had a while back.

I haven’t seen him in years, haven’t spoke to him in even longer, but yet it is still saddening. I’m not grieving because I’ve lost a Grandfather as we never had a bond, I’m grieving because my mother has lost her father. 

Although in his later years he didn’t have too much contact with his children they all still have memories of him and some of them fond, some not. 

One positive to take from the whole thing is that he is no longer suffering. He needed a lot of care after his stroke and also developed cancer, so he is no longer in pain and discomfort. 

Well this dull blog was Day 8. Tomorrow is Monday, only 21 days left. Great. 


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