Day 9?

I think it’s day nine and I’m feeling to lazy to find out whether it is or not. 

I feel like all these challenges are starting to provide the benefits that they say they do, except for the meditation. I’m just not getting it. I sit there with my legs crossed and eyes shut for 20 minutes and I just cant seem to clear my mind. When I follow the rules of my book my mind just works harder.

But everything else, the headaches are gone, I feel less stressed, less anxious, I’m more productive, I’ve got more energy and I just feel happier. Now I’m not sure which challenge I’m reaping the most rewards from or whether or not it is the fact the I’m being more productive with the extra time I’ve given myself over the last 9 days (nobnom), or the clearer, quicker thinking mindset and more energy that I have (more water, no caffeine), but it’s working. Despite getting a stinking cold, I’m coughing and spluttering like a gooden. 

Anyway, I thought I’d quickly get this in, I’m partway through my paperwork and thought I’d have a quick breather. I should get back to it before I lose my train of thought. 



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