Day 10

I feel like I’ve been in a bubble all day, working in a stairwell all day with the most unbearable strain of man flu the world has ever seen. But! It’s ok, my gorgeous girlfriend is sorting me out with a KFC for dinner. 

She knows how to treat me. 

In fact, she’s even suggested that I should write one of these post about how awesome and amazing she is.

So I might, one of theses days….

She’s been putting up with me for almost a year so I think she’s earned a mention at least! When he first met, I had been drinking all afternoon with a couple of friends celebrating my birthday. I was a little bit inebriated during our first date, which was no where near as romantic as it could have been. But it seems I’ve made an impression and she now tells me that she loves me and also that the honeymoon period is well and truly over. 

I think she’s a keeper. 


I’m not going to attempt the meditation today, mainly because I feel like death and that I think I will just fall asleep within 5 minutes of sitting still with my eyes shut, if I don’t fall asleep then my eyes would be watering for 20 minutes straight and I wouldn’t be able to focus. Which is kind of the point. I’ll find a way of making it up somehow, but now I’m going to bed. I’m pooped.


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