Day 11 

I’m going to start with the tragic news about the terrorist attack in Westminster today. I really cannot fathom what it is that makes one person or a group of people feel so much hatred that they will plan on killing and injuring innocent people, children no less. From whats reported, a member of the police lost their life after being stabbed by the assailant as well as a woman who was hit by the assailants car as they were driving along the pavement into Westminster.

I just can’t fathom any reason, religion or mentality that would deem this despicable act a just cause. 

I will be watching closely as the story unfolds, the annoying thing is that the attacker was shot dead and that although he can’t do more harm, how much intelligence died with him and knowing he wouldn’t survive that day, has he escaped justice. 

On a much lighter note, I still managed to do the meditation last night. After coughing and spluttering in the wee hours I thought that I had better do something to kill the time so I got around 30 mins of meditation and choking on thin air done. 


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