Day 13

What a long day! But it has been a productive one. It just makes things more difficult to get these challenges done. 

I’m still struggling with the meditation. Unlike all the other challenges it’s the only one I can’t do while I’m doing something else. Right now I’m sitting in the squat position, writing this and finishing off my water intake for the day. So I’m nailing 3 challenges in one hit. Boom!

But I cannot sit there staring at my eyelids for any longer. So a friend of mine has suggested a different technique. Now, I don’t think this new technique is going to have butterflies landing on my ears while I’m in the lotus position floating 6 inches off of the ground, but it might have a desirable effect and it means I don’t have to stare at my eyelids. 

It’s called philosophical meditation. 

The principal behind this is that instead of trying to focus on one this to clear the mind like breathing, or the sounds of nature like in the eastern traditional meditation. Instead the idea is to think about and process the anxieties, excitements and upsets that we experience throughout our days that we may be hiding and letting build up. 

The exercise involves spending 20 minutes to write down the issues and then ask questions about each issue and therefore hopefully quietening the mind because after all. Most of our day to day problem are survivable. 

So once this episode of the walking dead is finished I will give it a go and report back to how relaxed I feel. 

Stay tuned. 


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