Day 14

Disclaimer: This post is a scattered waste of a read. Don’t blame me if you want to waste your time reading it. 

So the meditation worked out pretty well. Spending 20 minute writing is a lot easier than spending 20 minutes looking at my eye lids. 
I’m desperately trying to make the word count today, its late and I’ve just finished eating a massive Chinese and a couple of cream eggs. I can barely move and I have enough carbs inside me that my body is sending all the power to my stomach, so I’m feeling really sleepy. 

I will say though, if you find yourself in the Medway area completely ravished with a penchant for Chinese food then I suggest you find Tom’s takeaway in Luton Road. The delivery is a bit slow though. 

37 words left.

I’ve just had a thought. Is Mother’s Day always on the British summer time change over? If it is I’m surprised that no one has mentioned that they would only get 23 hours instead of 24. I think I need to sleep, Dan is already sound asleep on the sofa, which is our default positions whenever we put a film on. 

Right, I’m going to bed. 


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