Day 15 – Half way there!

Well, I’ve just written this out once already. I highlighted it all to copy it and do a word count and then pressed paste instead of copy and replaced all of those words with a link to Donald Trump withdrawing his health care bill. If I didn’t dislike the man enough I’m now holding him personally responsible for my own incompetence. I’m going to need to do some therapy in the form of Trumping Donald to get over that.

Now thats over with, today is the half way mark and now I’d say it’s all down hill from here until the finish line. Can’t really say its been that difficult. Writing is the hard part, I spend most the time with nothing to write about. It highlights that fact that I’m not that exciting any more. My days of paddling rivers, climbing mountains and long treks in the middle of no where seem to be over. At least for the time being. 

British Summer Time starts tomorrow, although we lose an hours sleep our evenings will be longer which means after a long days work I’ll be able to enjoy the stunning sunsets from the balcony of my apartment. I’ll try and remember to not take them for granted since my days in the apartment are numbered. In fact we are going to look at a house today. Cosy little 3 bed, thats a bedroom for Jacob and an office for me. Although Dan will probably have other ideas for it, but with a bit of diplomacy and flowers I should get what I want. 

I’ve been writing this (twice) as a passenger, which is rare I’m usually the driver. But I don’t make a good passenger so I’m doing this to take my mind off the road. We are nearly there so I’m done and I’ve smashed the word count again. 


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