Day 16 – Happy Mother’s Day

I think I’m just about to fall into a food coma. Either that or I’ve just come out of one. 

Today, in Britain, is Mother’s Day. Like everyone else who is celebrating Mother’s Day I have the greatest Mother in the world. But unlike everyone else who is celebrating there are only two others who also have the greatest Mother in the world, they would be my brother and sister. 

You could say that I used to take my mum for granted and I’m pretty sure we all do at some point. The thought never occurred to me as I was growing up about the importance of my parents and that they would be around forever. That was when she was diagnosed with Breast cancer. I was in my early 20’s and some would say naive to the whole thing. 

Sadly, she has now been diagnosed with terminal cancer and its spread through most of her skeletal system and is starting to show up in the organs. She is constant pain and if she could move fast enough, shed probably rattle with the amount of tablets she’s taking. 

But despite all that she still fights through it all, especially now she has 2 grandkids she chases after. The amount of times I’ve had to tell my own mother to stop chasing the kids around before someone gets hurt. 

Even though my mum goes through a lot she is still always there if we want to talk about our problems and she helps wherever she can and however she can. 

So Happy Mother’s Day Mum, if you are reading this, I love you loads and thank you for making me the man I am today. 


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