Day 17

I asked Dan today for inspiration on what to write today. She said that I haven’t actually wrote one about her yet and that I’ve only just mentioned her in one blog. 

I agree with her, she does deserve a lot more praise than I probably give her so writing a few words about her is really the least I can do. Our first year anniversary is fast approaching so you could say we are still in that early stage but I can honestly say that she still amazes me with her kind and caring manner. Not just toward me but also my son. 

One reason I’ve avoided writing about Dan is because I make it read like a eulogy which this definitely isn’t. I’d like it read as a few words of appreciation. 

Today she waited at my apartment for a delivery so that I could get a replacement phone. She even tidied my flat and left me a note stuck to my TV. At first I thought it was a note saying that the TV was broken. Turns out it wasn’t. 

Isn’t that just the sweetest thing. 

It’s these little acts of kindness that I’ve come to learn is the real meaning of love, not just about those awkward public displays of affection, which really isn’t me. Or, those facebook posts that makes everyone cringe. But its the little things we do for each other that will just brighten our days that little bit. 

It isn’t always with out a bit of moaning though. Although we haven’t argued yet Dan does like to moan about my Walking Dead marathons. But it wouldn’t be her if she didn’t, I suppose I still love her for it. 


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