Day 18

I’ve just scraped the water intake today. But I have a confession, I’ve failed a challenge. I cannot for the life of me meditate for 20 minutes everyday. Either I’m already at peace with myself or there’s just not enough brain power to sustain me for 20 minutes. I’m thinking there should probably be some kind of forfeit like 30 burpees everyday until the end of that challenge.

I’m nearly two thirds of the way in to these challenges that were meant to change my life, well thats at least what the blog said when I first read it. But now its just more of a habitual thing I do from day to day. Except for writing these everyday, I’m quite looking forward to not having to write this every evening when I have the time but nothing to write about. I might even keep doing the squats after these 30 days have ended, its quite comfortable to sit in the squat position after a hard day at work tapping away on the iPad.

The easiest challenge so far is the No Booze. Even with the sunshine and warm weather we are getting, a nice cold beer would be nice in a beer garden somewhere but the thought passes pretty quickly, I just have a cup of tea instead. 

Right I’m getting an early night. I haven’t been sleeping much but instead I’ve been staying up watching the Walking Dead. I’m nearly up to date with it all, I don’t know what I’m going to do when I’ve watched them all. Maybe go outside into the sunshine or something.


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