Day 19

So Article 50 was triggered today. Britain is now going to start to negotiate its way out of Britain, great. I was in the remain camp throughout the referendum and you could say I still am, but that doesn’t really matter now. I think now we just have to push on with it and wait to see what will happen. 

I don’t have a broad understanding of what is happening and I don’t pretend to but I think now I should start to pay attention. Instead of all the scaremongering and dreams of greener grass on the other side I think now is a time to take a hard look at the facts and to weigh up all the possiblilities that will give Britain the best deal from Europe and the rest of the world that will not only benefit us but benefit or children and their futures. 

A couple of my main concerns are most obviously the business, I’m self employed so that could be a worry. Security is another one, Britain may have to pull out of Europol in a couple of years, that could mean some intelligence may be missed and no body wants a terrorist attack on the streets of Britain while our neighbours had information to prevent it. Education and Science, money is going to get tighter, resources stretched and funding for sciences will be cut, which will be a crying shame and catastrophic to things like medical research.

But I’ll admit, I may be wrong about all this and things could work out for the better. We may be able to strike a good deal with the EU along with other countries like the countries of the commonwealth and the USA. Hell, we may even be able to help out the NHS but lets face it, pigs can’t fly. 

Anyway, time for bed. That was my take on politics, yeah I know it was bullshit but 10 more days and I will shut up. 


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