Day 21

3 weeks in and there has been a glitch in the challenges. I’m already in bed and I haven’t even attempted the push ups or squats today. 

I will explain why; there are more important things. 

That’s pretty much it. The last 21 days has highlighted how much time I didn’t have spare and what time I did have spare, and even time that I didn’t have spare I was watching all 98 episodes The Walking Dead. Once I was up to date I realised I haven’t done much else and that, I think, is not good for ones health. 

So I took my girlfriend, Dan, out for dinner since we haven’t for a long while. We talked and made each other laugh for a couple of hours, which is a nice relief from the monotony of these challenges. 

But to make the numbers up I will double up the squats and push-ups tomorrow. 60 push-ups and 60 minutes of squatting. Piece of cake. 


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