Day 22

I’m entering the home straight now, 7 days left. I’m currently in the squat position for my second set holding the squat for 30 minutes then I have 60 push ups to do. 

Tomorrow is the Boat Race! I always like to watch the Boat Race, my Grandad and I used to watch it together when he was alive. Cambridge all the way. I do plan on taking Jacob up to London one year when he is a bit older so he can see it. I’d also like to go up there with a few pals and have a bit of a jolly up one year. 

So anyway, I’m sitting here looking forward to watching it and I then read that an old world war 2 unexploded bomb has been found on the banks of the Thames that happens to be on the route of the race. It hasn’t been decided yet whether or not the race will be called off or not because the bomb disposal guys need to wait for the tide to go out so they can have a proper look, that isn’t until 1 am. I hope its all ok, its the only sport I seem to be looking forward to lately. 

I’m cracking on with my press ups now anyway. With my fingers crossed. 


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