Day 24

I’m watching Steve Jobs while I’m doing my squats today. I also feel like a squatting sumo after eating so much food this evening. The guy, even though he was a bit of a dick, was such an innovator. I’ve read his biography all the way up to his death and throughout the book there were times I really disliked him and times that I really admired Steve’s drive to develop and sell his products and pushing the technology to where it is today. 

Without people like him would I be sitting here in the squat typing away on my iPad swiping from left to right through different apps watching and listening to whatever I want with most of the knowledge of the planet at my finger tips. I’m sure its a natural progression to have all of this but would we have had it so quick if innovators like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk wasn’t driving there engineers to be the best in their field?

Just a thought.


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