Day 24

Day 24, again nothing to report other than Marmite and Pot noodle are bringing out their own brand of Easter egg. Imagine being hated so much that someone would go out of their way to walk to a shop pick him a marmite flavoured Easter egg, pay for it and then skip home just to wait for the day that they get to opportunity to really mess your day up. 

The pot noodle one, on the other hand, may not be so bad. Tucking into a Bombay Badboy egg may just make my day. But to be honest I’d be more than happy with a standard chocolate one, I cant remember the last time I got an Easter egg and to even more honest I don’t know when Easter is.

Why change it every year? 

Who knows? 

Who cares? 

My minds set on this coming Sunday when I can get up and don’t have to drink any litres of water, do any push ups or even write a damn blog. 


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