Day….I don’t even know anymore

I have know idea how I’ve even missed this, it completely skipped my mind. But these challenges do not end on Sunday like I thought. They in fact end next fucking Wednesday!!! God damn this shit to hell. 

I know where I went wrong too, it’s so clear now and I am so stupid. I had it in my head that its a month long and in my head I think of a month as 28 days. Why did I just not work that out in the first place, thats more annoying than it actually being longer than I originally thought. 

To top it off I had a quick look back through the days that I have already wrote and there is two day 24’s and no day 12. How hard is it to count to thirty especially when I have been writing down the number each day. 

Right, I’m now going to sit in a dark room and drink a cold class of water and let myself cool down for a bit. 


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