Day 26

Well I’m back on track now, I know what day it is and it was such a lovely day! So nice in fact that I think I’ve got a bit of sun burn on my cheeks. 

I found a new podcast today, it was brilliant and so dark! It’s called S-town. If you have a spare few hours I definitely think you should find it, download it and sit there in awe of the complexity of one man, who some would say was a genius, in a society where he doesn’t fit in, yet he is loved and respected by many more than he thought. 

The podcast throws in some topics that any of us may seem to face at one point or another. Some of these include sexual repression, depression, isolation and the threat of societal collapse and, of course, climate change. 

There are seven episodes and I’ve managed to hit six of them today. I’m saving the last episode for the drive to work tomorrow. 

I’ll chuck in a little spoiler. Sadly, there is a death in the series. 


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