This year I’m turning 30!

That’s a pretty big number and its also quite surprising that I haven’t accidentally ended myself in that time, trust me when I say there have been a few close calls. 

Moving on, throughout the last 29 years, 10 months and 2 weeks I have taken part in a few challenges both mental and physical which I’m sure we’ve all tried at one point or another. While I was looking for another challenge to take on for ‘something to do’ I came across a blog that highlighted 6 thirty day challenges that would change my life.  Reading this I realised that I’ve already done more than half of these and I didn’t find my life was any different than it was. 

So I got thinking, what if I did all 6 challenges at the same time?

I think that could actually be a challenge, mainly for getting creative with the time that I have free to get the challenges completed each day and I might actually learn something. For instance, meditation, I’ve never tried that before today. I sat still focusing on my breathing with some soothing music playing that I found on YouTube. 2 hours later I woke up, turns out its a skill not to fall asleep. 

So the list and rules are as follows:

1. Squat for 30 minutes a day. 

Easy peasy! But of course not 30 minutes in one hit but 30 mins accumulated throughout the day, how hard can that be? It isn’t the kind of squat that you see in most globo gyms you’d find yourself in. This is a third world squat, which means sitting in a position as low as you can, any thing else is classed as a power curtsy.


What a funny name for it, but if you haven’t looked through the original blog yet it means No Beer, No masturbation, No porn for thirty days, but sex is OK. I can see this being the one that will be a little bit embarrassing to talk about if it get brought up. The rules are pretty simple on that one and I’ll avoid any unnecessary details since my Nan may reads this one day and I’m sure she’s convinced I’m already going to hell on the express train. 

3. No Facebook

As much as I like Facebook it is a massive productivity killer sometimes. Those shooting star memes that get shared around can have me on facebook for a while. So cutting it out will hopefully take away that control I let the app have over my productivity and I get more stuff done when I need to get it done. 

4. 30 Blogs for 30 Days

This one is the reason you are reading this, (if you got this far, you might already be googling shooting star memes, you won’t be disappointed) writing 30 blog posts for 30 days will be pretty tough. So I apologise in advance if you put yourself through every days post. In the original blog the writer said that they were writing 600 words per blog post, don’t panic, I’m not that literate. I’ve set the bar at a measly 150 words a day. This way it’s won’t eat up all my time for the other challenges. 

5. 20 minutes of meditation a day

For those of you that know me know all to well that this one will be tough. I’ve decided this will have to be 20 minutes in one sitting and not accumulating 20 minutes throughout the day. I cannot afford to have a nap for several hours, several times a day. Hopefully this helps me to relax a bit and it may even teach me patience, something I maybe did learn at one point in my life but I decided it was a rubbish virtue and cast it away only to realise that it’s a major part of being a fully functioning adult. 

6. 30 push ups a day for 30 days

Pretty standard really, I want T-shirt-hugging-guns again and what better place to start. Again, these will be done in one go, for the best pump of course. 

As if these wasn’t enough I’ve added another two!

7. Cut out the coffee, except decaf  

I drink coffee everyday, but I’m sensitive to caffeine. So each day I spend a couple of hours buzzing like a little impatient, irritating man child. It’s not clever and it’s not pretty, so I’m going to have a month off. This won’t make me irritable at all…

8. Drink 3 litres of water a day

Most of the drinks I have each day have qualities that dehydrate the body rather than hydrate. After the coffee in the mornings I don’t really drink a great deal throughout the rest of the day. So to actively force myself to consume more water, that can’t be bad. Water is also proven to aid weight loss and I have been a bit of a tubby lard bucket lately so I need all the help I can get. 

So there you have it, starting tomorrow I will be the next best thing to a monk for 30 days and if you follow this blog then you will get the chance to see the difference it has on me over the month. 

Stay tuned!