Day 26

Well I’m back on track now, I know what day it is and it was such a lovely day! So nice in fact that I think I’ve got a bit of sun burn on my cheeks. 

I found a new podcast today, it was brilliant and so dark! It’s called S-town. If you have a spare few hours I definitely think you should find it, download it and sit there in awe of the complexity of one man, who some would say was a genius, in a society where he doesn’t fit in, yet he is loved and respected by many more than he thought. 

The podcast throws in some topics that any of us may seem to face at one point or another. Some of these include sexual repression, depression, isolation and the threat of societal collapse and, of course, climate change. 

There are seven episodes and I’ve managed to hit six of them today. I’m saving the last episode for the drive to work tomorrow. 

I’ll chuck in a little spoiler. Sadly, there is a death in the series. 


Day….I don’t even know anymore

I have know idea how I’ve even missed this, it completely skipped my mind. But these challenges do not end on Sunday like I thought. They in fact end next fucking Wednesday!!! God damn this shit to hell. 

I know where I went wrong too, it’s so clear now and I am so stupid. I had it in my head that its a month long and in my head I think of a month as 28 days. Why did I just not work that out in the first place, thats more annoying than it actually being longer than I originally thought. 

To top it off I had a quick look back through the days that I have already wrote and there is two day 24’s and no day 12. How hard is it to count to thirty especially when I have been writing down the number each day. 

Right, I’m now going to sit in a dark room and drink a cold class of water and let myself cool down for a bit. 

Day 24

I’m watching Steve Jobs while I’m doing my squats today. I also feel like a squatting sumo after eating so much food this evening. The guy, even though he was a bit of a dick, was such an innovator. I’ve read his biography all the way up to his death and throughout the book there were times I really disliked him and times that I really admired Steve’s drive to develop and sell his products and pushing the technology to where it is today. 

Without people like him would I be sitting here in the squat typing away on my iPad swiping from left to right through different apps watching and listening to whatever I want with most of the knowledge of the planet at my finger tips. I’m sure its a natural progression to have all of this but would we have had it so quick if innovators like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk wasn’t driving there engineers to be the best in their field?

Just a thought.

Day 24

Day 24, again nothing to report other than Marmite and Pot noodle are bringing out their own brand of Easter egg. Imagine being hated so much that someone would go out of their way to walk to a shop pick him a marmite flavoured Easter egg, pay for it and then skip home just to wait for the day that they get to opportunity to really mess your day up. 

The pot noodle one, on the other hand, may not be so bad. Tucking into a Bombay Badboy egg may just make my day. But to be honest I’d be more than happy with a standard chocolate one, I cant remember the last time I got an Easter egg and to even more honest I don’t know when Easter is.

Why change it every year? 

Who knows? 

Who cares? 

My minds set on this coming Sunday when I can get up and don’t have to drink any litres of water, do any push ups or even write a damn blog. 

Day 23

I had a moment of weakness today but Cambridge put a stop to that. I put a bet on that if Cambridge men were to win the boat race then I was going to have a beer with one of my oldest and dearest friends for his 30th birthday. The sun is shining, and the the weather was near perfect to relax in a pub garden and enjoy a couple of cold beers with good company. 

To hand it to Cambridge though they did try hard but Oxford got away from them at the start and stayed there. Anyway, my moment of weakness has passed and I’m set to keep going for 7 more days. I’ve got this in the bag and I can’t wait for it to be finished. 

Writing 150 words everyday is so frustrating when I have nothing that I can write about. Or more like there is but I just want to make these short and sweet. 

Like this one. 

Day 22

I’m entering the home straight now, 7 days left. I’m currently in the squat position for my second set holding the squat for 30 minutes then I have 60 push ups to do. 

Tomorrow is the Boat Race! I always like to watch the Boat Race, my Grandad and I used to watch it together when he was alive. Cambridge all the way. I do plan on taking Jacob up to London one year when he is a bit older so he can see it. I’d also like to go up there with a few pals and have a bit of a jolly up one year. 

So anyway, I’m sitting here looking forward to watching it and I then read that an old world war 2 unexploded bomb has been found on the banks of the Thames that happens to be on the route of the race. It hasn’t been decided yet whether or not the race will be called off or not because the bomb disposal guys need to wait for the tide to go out so they can have a proper look, that isn’t until 1 am. I hope its all ok, its the only sport I seem to be looking forward to lately. 

I’m cracking on with my press ups now anyway. With my fingers crossed. 

Day 21

3 weeks in and there has been a glitch in the challenges. I’m already in bed and I haven’t even attempted the push ups or squats today. 

I will explain why; there are more important things. 

That’s pretty much it. The last 21 days has highlighted how much time I didn’t have spare and what time I did have spare, and even time that I didn’t have spare I was watching all 98 episodes The Walking Dead. Once I was up to date I realised I haven’t done much else and that, I think, is not good for ones health. 

So I took my girlfriend, Dan, out for dinner since we haven’t for a long while. We talked and made each other laugh for a couple of hours, which is a nice relief from the monotony of these challenges. 

But to make the numbers up I will double up the squats and push-ups tomorrow. 60 push-ups and 60 minutes of squatting. Piece of cake. 

Day 20

For a bit of fun and to learn something different a little while ago I started looking at the currency markets. I’ve used an app called Trading 212 to open a paper trading account. A paper trading account is one where the money isn’t real but everything else is. Like a training account you could say. Luckily for me that this account could be reset when I ‘blew up’ my account. I did that quite a bit at the start.

That was all I used to look at. The little dot moving along the screen and I was guessing whether it was going to go up or down, and putting all the money my account would let me on whichever way I thought, based on no knowledge whatsoever than whether it was going to move up or down. 

I was getting really frustrated that I had to keep resetting my account that I took to google to learn a few things like candlesticks and indicators. I also subscribed to the Clay Trader podcast which is an hour long show interviewing other traders. From here I started to learn a lot and I spent a lot more time only using candlesticks and a couple of indicators. 

Now my charts look a bit like this. I’m not quite a top city trader but I no longer need to reset my account. In fact I’ve increased it by over 50% since December, which was the last time I has to reset. Maybe I missed my calling to the city. I did do well on a few of the big days, like the brexit day put me up £700.  Thats not bad considering you start with £10,000, what kind of bank account can give you that much interest in a year, let alone a day. But it can always go wrong, like it did for me many, many times. Lucky for me it’s not real money. 

The moral of this post is that if you’re not good at something that you want to be good at then work at it until you are. Keep failing your way to be better, learn from whatever you can and put it into practice to make it work for you, then adapt it so it works better for you. 

I’m out, only 10 more days. 

Day 19

So Article 50 was triggered today. Britain is now going to start to negotiate its way out of Britain, great. I was in the remain camp throughout the referendum and you could say I still am, but that doesn’t really matter now. I think now we just have to push on with it and wait to see what will happen. 

I don’t have a broad understanding of what is happening and I don’t pretend to but I think now I should start to pay attention. Instead of all the scaremongering and dreams of greener grass on the other side I think now is a time to take a hard look at the facts and to weigh up all the possiblilities that will give Britain the best deal from Europe and the rest of the world that will not only benefit us but benefit or children and their futures. 

A couple of my main concerns are most obviously the business, I’m self employed so that could be a worry. Security is another one, Britain may have to pull out of Europol in a couple of years, that could mean some intelligence may be missed and no body wants a terrorist attack on the streets of Britain while our neighbours had information to prevent it. Education and Science, money is going to get tighter, resources stretched and funding for sciences will be cut, which will be a crying shame and catastrophic to things like medical research.

But I’ll admit, I may be wrong about all this and things could work out for the better. We may be able to strike a good deal with the EU along with other countries like the countries of the commonwealth and the USA. Hell, we may even be able to help out the NHS but lets face it, pigs can’t fly. 

Anyway, time for bed. That was my take on politics, yeah I know it was bullshit but 10 more days and I will shut up. 

Day 18

I’ve just scraped the water intake today. But I have a confession, I’ve failed a challenge. I cannot for the life of me meditate for 20 minutes everyday. Either I’m already at peace with myself or there’s just not enough brain power to sustain me for 20 minutes. I’m thinking there should probably be some kind of forfeit like 30 burpees everyday until the end of that challenge.

I’m nearly two thirds of the way in to these challenges that were meant to change my life, well thats at least what the blog said when I first read it. But now its just more of a habitual thing I do from day to day. Except for writing these everyday, I’m quite looking forward to not having to write this every evening when I have the time but nothing to write about. I might even keep doing the squats after these 30 days have ended, its quite comfortable to sit in the squat position after a hard day at work tapping away on the iPad.

The easiest challenge so far is the No Booze. Even with the sunshine and warm weather we are getting, a nice cold beer would be nice in a beer garden somewhere but the thought passes pretty quickly, I just have a cup of tea instead. 

Right I’m getting an early night. I haven’t been sleeping much but instead I’ve been staying up watching the Walking Dead. I’m nearly up to date with it all, I don’t know what I’m going to do when I’ve watched them all. Maybe go outside into the sunshine or something.